Errant Empire Herbal Medicine

“Errant Empire was created with the primary purpose of re-introducing an idea that Herbal Medicine is and was the original medicine.”

D. & A. Shaw, Owners

It is hard to find any better way than the above to describe this particular business. David Shaw and his partner and the staff of Errant Empire Herbal Medicine provide professional and intuitive healing services based on plant medicine, from making tinctures to teas, oils and offerings of other services and practitioners in the healing community.

1316 Esquimalt Road in Victoria, BC
Tuesday to Friday 11am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday to 5pm

At first glance, there’s an immediate feeling of the old and the wild. The shop has a wooden theme that takes a patron back to a simpler time, back to when medicine really came from plants first before chemicals and pills. Entering the shop takes a person directly to David or other staff members working diligently behind the front counter to fulfil incoming orders; orders can be placed via phone (250-686-4647) or email to

Herbal and Holistic Plant Medicine

Further into the shop, a variety of items can be seen on the wooden shelves and display centres. There are natural products and supplements, pure essential oils, as well as cough medicines made of Elderberry and a supply of pre-made teas.

Pure Essential Oils and Custom Made Tinctures

For interested light workers and holistic healers, there is much space available for rent either on a monthly or per-hour basis. Please contact David for more information about rentals at

Rental Space for Holistic Practitioners
Reiki, Massage, Sound and Crystal Therapy and Healing
A welcoming space for clients and patrons

Things at Errant Empire are always changing and in flux, moving to match this fast paced world while still offering a calming place for respite from the outside. Shelves move, new merchants bring in exciting products for selling, and locals make requests. Like any shop, displays and products are constantly moving in and out to match customer needs. It’s best to make this shop a regular stopping point while in Old Esquimalt, so that you can see the latest products and any new services or changes that have been brought in!

Regularly updated and constantly improving blends

My own services offered via Errant Empire include Crystal Therapy, Full Body Massage, Reiki, Sound Therapy, Indian Head Massage and Life Coaching/Counseling with a spiritual twist. I purchase custom made massage oil blends from David directly, so all of the oils I use are made in-house. After a session, my clients often spend time talking to David while having the tea of the day, a free treat after a wonderful healing moment.

Ethically gathered with loving intent

I am currently running a Groupon Campaign for this Winter Season that will run until March 31st, 2022 – massages, healing sessions and card readings are at a big discount. Retention offers are avaible for clients who come through Groupon and want to return at a lower rate!

Click here to visit my current Groupon Campaign!