Healing Massage For You

Your journey begins with you, as it always has. When you are ready to heal, you will find the opportunities and possibilities endless! Healing Massage is such an opportunity, open and available to everyone regardless of medical history or health concerns.

  • Your one hour Healing Massage begins with booking! Currently, Friday appointment hours are available in Langford at a lovely location called West Coast Creative Spirits, from 11a.m. to 3p.m., with the last appointment scheduled for 1:30p.m. Other days and times are available if needed, though weekends are not. Please call 778-676-1356 to begin this journey.
  • Once your appointment is scheduled, you can opt to have a reminder sent to you via email so you can come prepared for your healing. Always drink plenty of water before any healing, and avoid stimulants or caffeinated beverages for at least the day of the healing. Be prepared to rest afterwards if at all possible; biking and driving may be difficult and require extra focus as your body releases the tension it’s become used to.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can remove easily; your Healing Massage is a full body massage that can include glute massage as well as typical muscle groups located on the front and back of your legs and along the back of your torso.
  • Your massage starts when you are ready and situated on the table, face down and comfortable. With an ambient music playlist and low lighting, you will become attuned to the healer, who will build rapport not only with you physically but also spiritually. Throughout your massage, Reiki symbols and loving intent will be infused into movements such as Effleurage and Petrissage. Your back’s negative energies and tensions will be released with myofascial movements as well, and simple stretches will be applied to both your arms and your legs.
  • When you are asked to roll to your back, your healer will continue to ply your body with loving intent, working the front of your legs, your shoulders and arms, and then onto your upper chest along your collarbones, as well as your head. If desired and time permitting, you may experience the full release of tension that comes with a delicate facial massage.
  • To end the session, a Reiki healing blanket of purple love will be placed around your aura spiritually, lasting 72hrs. No healer is meant to take away all of your troubles. Healers make it easier for you to heal your Self! This protective purple blanket of Reiki love will help you to rest in the first 24hrs; after that, it is up to you to continue your healing journey at your own pace and as you so wish it.

Many people book return visits for Healing Massage. It doesn’t have to be a one-time session. Rather, the more you share your healing journey with an effective and caring healer, the deeper the healing goes with each consecutive visit. Book often until you feel less effects afterwards. Book regularly, once a month or several times a year, to continue and maintain your Chakra alignments, your healing attunements, and your general wellness.