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Full body healing massage is for EVERYONE! Price should never be a deterrent to your full body health.

Whoever you are, whatever your scope of accessibility, massage can help you feel better. Feeling tired, lethargic, less flexible and less physically strong? Massage can help. Feeling melancholy, blue, out of touch with the world and distanced from society? Massage can help. Feeling ‘fat’ (really don’t like that word), uncomfortable in your own skin, unsure of your own self worth? Massage can help!

Contact me directly and let me know what you need. My modalities tool box is incredibly well stocked, and I am so ready to help you help yourself <3

  • Full Body Healing Massage (Groupon available!)
  • Reiki (Usui & Karuna)
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Crystal Healing Therapy
  • Sound Healing Therapy
  • Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling
  • Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

Treating your aches, pains and energy blockages with crystals, sound healing and Reiki love comes from a compassionate place within my heart and my soul. You weren’t ever meant to go these roads alone, unless that is your choice. I and others are here for you, with you, when you are ready to release that burden and heaviness.

An Introduction…

You may be wondering what a ‘caim’ is and what it has to do with full body massage or Reiki! I know it’s easy to think it says ‘calm’ instead, but trust me – I chose ‘caim‘ for a reason. See below!

Full Body Massage and Reiki curated in a loving space held sacred just for you
Full Body Massage and Reiki curated in a loving space held sacred just for you

My honour and my privilege are to stand next to you while you do the hard work of helping yourself. I hold space for you using Reiki, gentle crystal therapy and sound therapy, energetic vibrations and Shamanic inspirations. Healing your body or soul isn’t always easy, but you don’t have to do this hard personal work alone. With crystals and hands off or hands on Reiki touch, I build a sacred space for you to rest and relax, all the while giving your body, heart and soul the freedom to delve deep into what is happening to you, right now.

Do you feel like the world is rushing by too quickly? Do you feel exhausted, fatigued, and unsure of where to begin when it comes to unravelling all the ‘stuff’ you have going on in your life, right now?

Right now is when and how you begin to unravel the threads that bind you to your worst habits, keep you captive to your greatest fears, and prevent you from fully becoming who you have been trying to become, all this long while.

When I let go of what I am,

I become what I might be.

Lao Tzu

Are you ready to simply rest, relax, to let the worries of the day pass you by for a change?

Are you prepared to go deep into the core issues and tissues of your body, whether they be made of an unknown darkness or blinding white light?

Your best life is waiting for you. And this is how you begin – a one hour full body Reiki massage treatment by an intuitive healer with the care of a mother’s hug and hands guided by an angel’s feathery wings or the comforting squeeze of a father’s loving embrace. You begin. You begin here. Welcome to your healing!

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