There are many services provided through Sacred Caim. Most of these will have the same considerations when it comes to a client preparing for their upcoming session. Here are some tips on what to prepare yourself for, what to bring and what to expect!

1. Client Waiver

All information collected for a healing session is protected by PIPA or the Personal Information Protection Act. You do not need to provide your health number, social insurance number or other information you think might not be relevant to your healing. Try to recall a list of illnesses, recent and historic, ahead of time. Offer an emergency contact and phone number as well, and decide if you want to be contacted or reminded regarding future events or appointments by email, text or phone call. The client consultation is a great chance for you to see who you will be working with and what they have to offer you. Some consultations are shorter; for example, with healing massage or Reiki, the consultation can be as brief as going over the client waiver form. You need only provide information about yourself that you feel is relevant.

2. Clothing

Dress comfortably. Wear loose fitting top and pants, clothing you will feel comfortable laying or sitting in for an hour at a time, or that is easy to remove if needed. Some treatments such as Reiki don’t require removing clothing; healing massage may require discrete nudity under a sheet or blanket. Remove jewelry before any hands-on treatments and be prepared to store it safely in your own bag or purse. Expect to feel ‘different’ after your healing session, and dress accordingly. You might feel dizzy, need to use the bathroom quickly, or feel hot or cold, more than usual. Layers are a great idea.

3. Food and Drink

Avoid stimulants such as coffee, pop/soda or sugary drinks before your session. Drink plenty of water and come in well rested if possible. Consider eating lightly on the day of your session; when you are in your session, you want to be able to relax as much as possible and not worry if your stomach is growling over heavy food. Healthy food also lends itself to lighter thoughts and greater self awareness. Do eat on the day of your session because that ‘different’ feeling may leave you feeling drained. Bring a water bottle, or accept tea during your session or water afterwards. The day before, avoid recreational drugs of any sort, as well as alcohol.

4. Time

Most practitioners include ample time for talking before and after their treatment sessions. It’s a good idea to show up five or ten minutes early if possible, planning for traffic and other typical delays. If you have to cancel, please cancel immediately and as soon as possible. Early notification of a cancellation means a great deal to someone who might take a bus or two to get to the treatment room. Most sessions range from a half hour to an hour, but can be more OR be less, depending on the treatment. Reiki for example is dependent on the needs of the client, and a session can be extended or shortened. Massage and hypnosis may have typical session times, but there may be a need for more rest or relaxation afterwards. Try to schedule around your important activities so that you aren’t rushing to or from your appointment. Also consider doing something calming afterwards so that you can embrace the treatment you just received.

5. Aftercare

Aftercare is critical in order to make the most of your treatment, no matter what that treatment is. You may feel dizzy or lightheaded. You may feel ‘different’, not the same as when you went into a session. You may have heavy thoughts if you did some very serious and deep emotional and mental work. You may feel ‘blissed out‘ or ‘naturally high‘ if you released some weighty issues or processed some big energetic blockages. Even a relatively simple healing massage can leave you fatigued or slightly achy. Drink water right away and regularly for the rest of the day. Expect to urinate or release your bowels more frequently for the next few days. And most of all, be gentle on yourself. Healing is work, and you are the healer when it comes to your body, heart and soul. Relish the good feelings you may have. Be tender with any hard thoughts that come up. And always consult your physician or a doctor if you feel anything beyond what makes sense for you. If you feel physical pain that you can’t breathe through, if you have persistent sweating, cold chills, a headache or strange thoughts, seek medical help immediately. While these things may not be related to your actual treatment, please remember that most practitioners are not trying to diagnose disease or medical issues. We are here to help you help yourself. Anything beyond a typical response should be shared with medical authorities soon as possible.

Your healing is in your hands. We do not take away your pain or your problems. We make it easier for you to heal your own body, your own heart and your own soul. Follow the advice above as best as you can, and know you are in the right place at the right time.