Frequently Asked Questions

Krysty’s faQ

  1. What is a ‘caim’?
  2. What services do you offer?
  3. Where are you located right now?
  4. Are you an RMT?
  5. What is Reiki?
  6. What is Healing Massage?
  7. What is Indian Head Massage?
  8. What are Crystal Therapy and Sound Therapy?
  9. What is Tarot/Oracle reading?
    1. My Humble Beginnings
    1. Rules of the Table
  10. How do I prepare for a session with you?
  11. What do you do in a session?
  12. Who can you help?
  13. How can I tip or support your business?

What is a ‘caim’?

A caim is a sacred circle. In ancient Celtic times, it was a special sort of ritual, ceremony or prayer held on behalf of another person within a sacred circle. The best direct translation for ‘caim’ is “a Celtic sacred circle cast for protection”. This protective circle is all inclusive, enveloping the people within it as well as connecting them to everything without, such as the entirety of the Universe.

I chose ‘Sacred Caim’ as a business title because I was very fond of the concept of sacred space. My previous business was actually named ‘Sacred Space’ but would you believe someone else had previously used this name for a very similar business to my own, right here in Victoria? Sometimes my clients would search for my business on the internet and would get confused as to my location; they even ended up at the wrong business! Once I was made aware of this, I knew it was time to find another name. What better name than one talking about the sacred circle I value so much?

Holding space for clients is very important to me; YOU do the heavy important work by living your life, easy or hard, and all I do is create a space for you to do that within. Sure, I add my skills and modalities to your healing journey, but being able to be in that sacred space with you, being a part of your journey, THAT is what I value and treasure the most!

What Services do you Offer?

I currently offer several services. These include Healing Massage, Reiki, Indian Head Massage, Crystal Therapy, Sound Therapy, Spiritual Life Coaching and Tarot/Oracle card readings.

I am certified in all of these. I have been using Reiki as a practitioner since approximately 2007! I learned from a Metis Shaman in Winnipeg. When I moved to Alberta, I opened up a small healing business that offered Reiki, readings and life coaching. I realized I work best when I commune with Spirit about or on behalf of a client, so my life coaching became spirituality based. I learned Indian Head Massage, Crystal Therapy and Sound Therapy through Hidden Gem and the International College of Energy Healing (Dawn Kirkham).

I am fully insured for the body work I do, as well as for the other healing modalities I offer. You are safe with me, and I will answer any questions you may have about what I do.

I offer integrated services; you may think you’re coming in ‘just’ for a massage, but there is almost always another aspect or level of healing being done. You may have wanted a simple Reiki session but there may be words of wisdom coming from Spirit meant just for you that I’ll be inclined to share. I have a very hefty tool box of modalities that I’m very pleased with, and I will use them to the best of my abilities to help you help your Self.

Where are you located right now?

As an independent small business owner, I am a renter; that is to say, I do not own or rent my own space but rent space in other businesses. I have previously rented in clinics that offered similar services as mine, as well as from metaphysical stores like Hidden Gem and West Coast Creative Spirits.

I am currently renting at 1316 Esquimalt Road within an incredible wellness store called Errant Empire. Run by David and Andrea, this shop has herbal remedies and tinctures, including custom blends, and is also home to a Live Blood Analysis practitioner and the Victoria Wellness Clinic. David will make tinctures, drop doses and teas to suit your needs. His very honest and correct belief is that our medicine lies in the plants around us, and it is this shop’s preference to purchase locally whenever they can. The herbs and plants they buy to make their lovely concoctions are also ethically harvested with loving intention; they were meant to be for medicine for YOU!

Errant Empire also has metaphysical items, premade tea mixes and local soaps, perfumes, jewelry and incense. It’s really a one-stop-shop in Old Esquimalt just over by the base. Right next to The Red Barn on the corner of Esquimalt Road and Admirals. You’ll find it!

Are you an RMT?

I am not an RMT or Registered Massage Therapist. It is illegal for a massage practitioner to call themselves an RMT if they are not certified with the local RMT board/school system.

I am not a masseuse either. I am a Certified Massage Practitioner. What I do is unique in some ways, but familiar in others. I use petrissage, effleurage and other hand movements to massage an entire body, from aura to bone. You will love what I do!

The only real drawback to me not being an RMT is that I cannot be covered by insurance or health care plans. Sorry about that. But what I offer is available to everyone, and NO ONE is turned away.

You will love what I do!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation and stress relief technique. It can be hands on or hands off. It involves working with the chi or energy lines that every human has running through our bodies. I can move my hands to exacting positions within your aura and affect great change and relief in these lines without touching you. I can also perform timed distance Reiki too, so if you can’t get in to Victoria, ask me how we can set something up just for you.

Usui Sensei brought Reiki down from the mountains in Japan and opened a Reiki school in Tokyo in 1922. Dr. Hayashi was one of Usui Sensei’s most invested students, and he subsequently taught others specific hand positions to help energy move over the whole body as well as attending to very specific conditions. Mrs. Takata is the student and teacher who brought Reiki into the west and the continent of North America. Since her time, Reiki has evolved and expanded and changed in the best ways possible.

I am a registered Master and Teacher of both Usui and Karuna styles of Reiki. I am registered with the International Center for Reiki Training. My lineage is available upon request, and outlines my connection to William Lee Rand, a Master and Teacher who is world-renowned.

What is Healing Massage?

Remember when you were little, and you didn’t feel well? And you were blessed with caring parents who would rub your back or tummy? Remember those times when you wanted to touch your intimate partner but not get sexual or even sensual; you just wanted to be touched because it made you feel better, right? And do you know anything about monkeys, primates and other social animals that partake in social grooming? The animals that were cleaned and groomed by others had the best health and lived the longest lives, while those who were lower on the rank scale were outcast and became sickly, even though they were fed.

These are examples of healing massage. It’s a type of massage that attends to your personal energy and needs. It is not intimate in that there is absolutely NOTHING sexual about it. It is intimate in that it’s YOUR body allowing my energy to massage its aches and pains as well as work through your aura.

Have you heard about mediumship, where people talk to and/or channel spirits, ghosts or dead relatives? I have discovered that I am a body medium; when I am massaging someone, I create a personal relationship with their physical vessel and connect with their spiritual energy. There are often messages from either or both that I need to share with the client.

Because I have Reiki attunements, it is always flowing when I do a massage, though technically this is NOT a Reiki massage. It is a healing massage that involves Reiki. If you had Reiki attunements but could turn them on or off, would you? I sure wouldn’t, and I am always grateful that Reiki shows up for me when I am giving a massage. People often wonder if I’m heating my hands up with some device, or if I’m actually in two places at once (phantom hands are common in Reiki!).

In the least, you will have given your Self an excellent relaxing massage. But you will likely see many more benefits to this full body massage than happier and healthier muscles and bones. Your posture may improve. Old wounds and injuries that have scarred may start to truly heal. And you may even start to feel nerves activating in limbs or digits where they previously had seemed dead.

You deserve good things, and allowing yourself to receive a massage is sometimes the beginning of a much bigger journey. Or, if you like, it can just be a massage, about an hour long period of soothing sounds and hand movements.

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is a traditional East Indian massage method that families once practiced on each other; picture several relatives sitting in a line, one in front of the other, soothing and massaging each other’s scalps. That was its beginning, and from that point it has turned into a much more in-depth healing modality.

IHM involves the use of warm and scented oils rubbed into a client’s head and scalp. Yes, your hair will get oily but these oils are the best around, trust me!

IHM can include Ayurvedic hand positions and pressure points along the scalp. I like to massage your occipital ridge, to rub over and around your ear lobes, and use plucking and gentle pulling to loosen and relax the muscles of your scalp.

I learned IHM from a lovely lady named Zoe, who runs a healing centre in Sooke. She taught me to appreciate this gift of healing and how to share it with others, and I am very grateful to offer it to you!

What are Crystal Therapy and Sound Therapy?

Crystal and Sound therapies include using crystals and sound instruments, clearly 😉 But how they are used is where it can get more intense and complicated.

With crystals and sounds, the premise is that our bodies are energetic vessels that are constantly humming. Our bodies respond positively to certain frequencies, and also can respond to negative stimuli with poor health and illness.

I was trained by Dawn Kirkham of The International College of Energy Healing to ascertain what sort of issues the body is presenting and find ways to address any energetic imbalances using crystals and musical instruments. My favourite sound instruments are my Buffalo Drum and my tuning fork, which was a gift from Corey at Oak Tree Studios Victoria. The crystals I resonate with the most are Clear Quartz (universal channeler), Rose Quartz (universal love) and Amethyst (universal healer).

I have a crystal grid placed under my massage table at Errant Empire. My table is only used by healing practitioners, and the grid is intended to take anything negative that a client is ready to release and turn it into something positive for the next client OR send it directly into Gaia, the earth mother, to be transmuted as She needs.

I don’t have all the crystals I own memorized when it comes to meaning. I also don’t have a strong memory around the varying sound frequencies and how they can work best for you. What I do know is this; when I do a drum journey or lay crystals for a client’s wellbeing, the results they tell me about are intense and soothing and gentle and always beneficial. Give it a try yourself and tell me what you think!

What is Tarot/Oracle Reading?

  1. My Humble Beginnings

I learned to read and scry at a very early age. I have memories of my family asking me personal and adult questions about relationships, then asking me to stare into a candle or lightbulb to help find answers. I remember describing the pattern of wallpaper in a location, and what a calendar on the wall said; this is called remote viewing. My family always talked about ghosts and the supernatural, despite the fact I grew up on the same property as the United Church and got all my Sunday School Bible Story stickers. I remember my mother showing me how to use playing cards to tell fortunes; as a child, because I was often made to do these types of things, oh I didn’t like it! But now my life has come full circle, and I love doing readings for people!!

  • Rules of the Table

Because without rules of the table, how would you know what to expect? Not all readings and readers are the same. Not all decks are the same, and not all ‘tables’ are the same. Spreads vary greatly, and how long a reading takes really depends on the energy of the person sitting down with me.

Here are my rules:

  • The cards have their own energy, and I read it as best I can, putting what they present into a sentence or paragraph that relates to the client across from me. That being said, the cards can only read a person’s destiny up to the point of them sitting down across from me. Once you sit down, it’s like your future path freezes, at least according to the cards. They will read from that point on, as if everything were going to stay the same. If you didn’t change anything, if you continued the same thoughts and feelings and choices, then that is what the cards will present. Once you sit down, though, you are asking for information that may change how you see things, and how you feel and make decisions. NOTHING is written in stone and now you’ve got new information to make new choices and create a newer and more appreciated path.
  • I don’t tell horror stories. In the past, people have misunderstood this comment to mean that I will lie or won’t tell them the truth. This is far from the truth; I’m a Truth Speaker and I value honestly, especially my own. I believe that people come to the table because they want help, not for a show or a demonstration of my abilities. If I see something in the cards that I don’t like, I will find a way to tell the person across from me what I see in a way that will help them. I know that nothing is set in stone, and that now that the person has new information, they can make the choice that’s best for them. I read their cards and offer guidance. I can’t and won’t do more than that.
  • What the cards choose to spend time talking about is up to the cards. A person might come in with questions about their love life, but in reality most of their energy is wrapped up in finances. Thus, the cards might want to talk about financial information rather than love lives. This is something that can’t be helped. I’m so grateful to have so many decks in my tool kit, and they each have their own personality and intentions. I let them work their magick on their own and am glad I get to share this with others.
  • Sometimes we’ll have company. Many people who come to me report feeling haunted, so it’s one of the questions I’ll ask as we sit down and shuffle cards. If someone has spirit guides, dead relatives or ghostly messengers hanging around, well, they sometimes like to make themselves known during a reading. You may see me staring off into space, turning my head side to side, or see me staring keenly at the wall or space above or beside you. Don’t worry, no horror stories, remember? Nobody comes who has any intention but good intentions. Everything present is there out of love. We’ve had some really amazing guests and while I don’t always let them talk or share their messages (sometimes they’re silly), I will let you know if I see something and if I have been given permission to tell you.
  • The cards don’t lie. I know people try to be honest, but I also know there’s a bit of a thrill to test a reader’s abilities. I don’t enjoy it much and because I firmly believe people are here to get help, I’d really rather clients be as forthcoming with information as possible. I try to make the cards that show up relate to what the client is sharing, but if a client is withholding out of a desire to make me prove myself, well, their reading may not go so well. I have had readings based on childhood abuse, and had the client say ‘no, that never happened to me’ only to have the client later tell me upon leaving, ‘oh well there was that one time…’ It’s important that people be ready to share and to receive. It goes both ways.
  • Nobody leaves my table unsatisfied. This means that I will typically do three spreads for each client; a traditional Triangle spread that will talk about the past, present and future; an intuitive spread that will require the client choosing some cards while I do the same; and a One Card Pull that will answer direct, verbalized questions of any kind. Yes, you will have sex soon. No, don’t buy a lottery ticket today. Grandpa’s lockbox key is under the bed in the attic. Yes, your daughter will soon be happy in her marriage. While these questions sometimes get called ‘materialistic’ or ‘shallow’, this one card pull doesn’t make judgments and neither do I. Got tough questions? Bring it on!

How do I prepare for a session with you?

Most sessions last around an hour but it always depends on what a client’s needs are. There will be a need for filling out an intake form, and for getting you ready for your session. If you have an appointment scheduled after your session, please let me know immediately so I can watch the clock for you – you’ll hopefully be so relaxed that time will mean nothing for you!

Whether it’s a massage, a Reiki session or a reading, please dress comfortably. Ideally you would forgo taking caffeine and heavy protein foods the day of your session, but if you can’t, that’s okay too. We’ll make it work, and everything is exactly as it is meant to be AND is GOOD.

With a healing massage, you’ll need to undress, preferably completely but it’s okay to leave your bottom underwear on if you want to. So dress accordingly.

Bring a hair tie if you have long hair.

Let me know in advance if you have allergies or sensitivities to incense, smudge, smoke or scented oils.

Let me know if you have skin conditions or open sores ahead of time.

And always drink lots of water. We have wonderful bathroom facilities and they will be made available to you before and after your session.

During healing massage, I tell people they can meditate, journey, solve their life problems, work on leaving behind negative energy they’re ready to let go of, or simply chat with me about things and ask me questions. Sometimes it can get talky, but it’s always on the client. We don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.

During other sessions like Reiki, IHM and the crystal and sound healings, there will be no talking. We will be working together with energy and light to bring you to the best place we can so you will receive what you need and let go of what you can let go of. This is definitely on your behalf and in your best interests.

If you are using a Groupon or promotional code, please bring it to the first session.

Bring an emergency contact number.

If you are interested in tipping, well, bring that too. I welcome gifts from the Universe that arrive through a client’s hands!

What do YOU do in a session?

This of course depends on the type of session but typically it will be the same. Here’s a bit of what happens, usually in this order.

When you arrive, I try to be available to you immediately; however, I also try to make up the table only when I feel connected to YOU directly. I actually hug the table once it’s made and think about YOU while doing it, so that the table and I are both ready to receive you!

I use two freshly cleaned sheets for each session. If you are cold, I will offer you blankets on top of these.

I’ll put a bolster under your ankles if we’re doing a healing massage. If you’re receiving another modality, I’ll put a pillow under the backs of your knees. If you’re receiving IHM, I won’t be able to offer a pillow under your head.

My table is very new and very wide and long, so don’t worry, you will fit! I am very careful with how I tuck people into their sheets, and I will tuck your arms when you are on your back so that you can forget about where to put them. This is a big concern for many people, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of you so you can rest and relax and receive.

My table has a face rest for when you are facing down. This face rest also has an arm rest beneath it for you to use if you want your arms off the table.

I use custom made oil blends that always contain Arnica; it’s a great oil for relaxing sore muscles, and I am just called to use it intuitively. My oil blends are made by the staff at Errant Empire, just for me. And they are wonderful!

I start a full body massage with you on your stomach, face down. I work on your feet, so even if you’re squeamish or ticklish, please trust me that this is what’s best for you. Ask me questions about this personally, because I can tell you then why the feet are so important. In a massage, I’ll work up your legs to your hips. Then I will do a dry myofascial release method on your back before applying oil. I’ll massage your back, then hold up the sheet so you can turn over. When you’re tucked back in, I will start at your feet – AGAIN! – and then go up your legs to your thighs. I will do a hand massage and arm massage on each side. Then I will work on the Cooper’s muscles or upper chest muscles, without getting too intimate. I work on the entire body, even if you have a specific area you want me to focus on. I have a specific protocol I was trained and certified for, and for insurance purposes, I need to follow that. I also have developed an energetic method of working with your body that covers all the important chakras and minor meridians. And remember, just because a leg or foot hurts doesn’t mean your back isn’t involved in the healing process, or vice versa. Trust me with your care and you’ll understand.

With Indian Head Massage, I will have you on your back on the massage table, warmly wrapped in blankets with your knees supported by a bolster. Ideally your hair will be hanging free. I’ll use oils specially made for me to massage your scalp and neck, and may even do a facial with Star Ruby wands! They’re fantastic. I won’t ask you to change positions, and this is a quiet massage with no talking, so your job is to simply lay back and enjoy. I’ll need to move your head side to side, so let me do the heavy lifting – the more comfortable you are, the more joy you will receive!

With Reiki, I will usually start with you on your back. There are specific hand positions that I use; I will ask first if you are okay with hands on or want hands off Reiki. Reiki is great for people with fibromyalgia or who have experienced physical trauma and don’t want to be touched but do want to receive healing. With Reiki, I’ll follow the list of hand positions as I have been taught and as I teach others. The positions start with your head and your face. Then I move to the throat chakra and the shoulders. I’ll next work on your torso, then your knees and then your feet. I may or may not ask you to turn over, depending on the energy you’re receiving and what your needs are. There are more positions to do on the back but if I can keep someone blissfully relaxed on their back, I’ll do that instead. At the end of the Reiki session, I will use Byosen Scanning to check for energetic ripples; these let me know if I’ve missed something important, and ensure that all of your energy lines are covered. I’ll include an aura cleansing at the very end, and then will say a prayer to the Masters who have come before me, wishing that your healing last for at least 72hrs. for the first 24hr, I hope you take it easy; after that, you have two days to really work on the things that brought you to me in the first place. Otherwise, you may find yourself coming back – I don’t mind repeat clients! But you have a destiny and you deserve to live your best life. Let’s get you there.

With Crystal healing, I will have you on your back while I lay crystals on and around your body. I will be taking notes about what crystals want to be used and why. I’ll use a pendulum beforehand to figure out what sort of healing you need on this particular day. And I’ll make sure to keep a record of what stones are used to share with you later, in case you want to find them for yourself. I’ll have you ‘bake’ with the crystals for a bit, meaning once the crystals are laid, I will allow you and your body quiet time to work with those crystals. When it’s time, I’ll remove the crystals and wake you gently. Then we can talk about what your experience was like.

With Sound healing, you may be resting on the table with it set up in sitting mode; this allows me to get behind you as needed. I may use a drum and take you on a drum journey. I may use a tuning fork on specific spots that you have identified as giving you trouble; tuning forks are especially good on joints and bones, and at breaking up troublesome energetic blockages. I may use a Tibetan singing bowl too. I’ll help you relax on the table, take you through a short guided meditation to help you calm and soothe yourself, and then get to work using sound to work through your aura. Sometimes the things you think will sound so striking, like a loud drum beat or the ting of a metal fork or bowl, are actually more soothing that you realize! When I am satisfied I’ve done what I can to help your body, I’ll wake you gently and we’ll discuss your experiences.

Who can you help?

EVERYONE! My services are inclusive and non-denominational. If you have specific disabilities or requests, please let me know before the session. And if you are financially compromised, please please trust in me and in the Universe, and ASK ME ABOUT DEALS!

I turn no one away. I know I am worth $120/hr. I charge $90/hr for full price. I have a student price of $60/hr. But if you’re able to admit that times are tough and you need healing, I also have a Student of Life discount of $45/hr for any session.

And if you truly can’t pay? Pray. Talk to me. The Universe will get you what you need, and I’ll be here for you too. This is a gift of love, what I get to do with people. If you have need, I will help. No matter what.

ADDENDUM: I do not work with minors; clients must be 18yrs+. This is due to insurance as well as age of consent. I do not heal people, but rather I help people heal themselves. There’s a degree of emotional intelligence required to make that consent to have another person get into your aura or touch your body. A minor is not legally able to make that consent in all ways. If you have a child you need to have seen, I can help you find someone else OR show you how to do what you need with your child.

How can I tip you and support your business?

Tipping isn’t required! Never ever ever. But I DO welcome gifts from the Universe that come to me through the hands of clients. I rely on the money I make to survive and to provide for my family; this is my career and my main source of income – it is not my side hustle. Tipping goes directly to me and usually helps me immediately purchase groceries on my way home or pay a bill, or maybe treat my children to a take-out meal. I am not rich in currency but I have great people in my home that I love to take care of.

You can tip via etransfer by sending to – – I have direct deposit so you won’t usually need a security question. If you do, be sure to text me and let me know the answer!

You can tip at the front of the store, via Errant Empire. On your way out, you can ask them to accept the tip for you, and they will pay me directly. I really appreciate them and believe me when I say they appreciate me and YOU!

You can tip me in cash immediately. You can leave money on the shelf near my music and incense tools. You can leave money on the table on top of the sheets so it’s visible. And you can put it directly into my hand – but depending on the day, I may play shy and even get weepy, especially if you are so blissed out that you share positive feedback about how the session went. Sometimes, that feedback is better than any tip.